By-Laws Articles 16-19

Article XVI

Laws of the Game

16.1        FIFA/USSF laws will govern all PSL games except for those exceptions stated within these bylaws.

16.2        Only eighteen (18) members of a team may participate in one game, including the Team Manager, if he is a player.

16.3        Player Passes along with Lineup report will be presented to the Referee before the start of the game.

16.4        A player arriving late may enter the game upon giving his Player Pass to the Referee or Assistant Referee.

16.5        If a team does not have seven (7) players at the scheduled start time, they will be given up to fifteen (15) minutes to field seven (7) players.  If  the team fails to field seven (7) players within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled start time, the referee shall record those facts and the Commissioner(s) and/or Board shall determine that the game is a forfeit against the team without the requisite minimum number of players (see game forfeit rule).

16.6        Substitutions - Substitutions shall be unlimited and can be made any time there is a dead ball, with the approval of the referee.  Players and substitutes are limited to those listed on the official line-up.

16.7        All players of the same team should wear the same color jersey, shorts, and socks.  All jerseys must have numbers (except for the goalkeeper), and no two players may have the same number.

16.8        If both teams have the same color jersey, it will be the responsibility of the Home Team to wear a different color jersey, unless other arrangements can be agreed on by both teams.

16.9        Assistant Referees/Linesmen - Unless assigned by the league, each team shall provide a linesman to assist the referee when no assistant referees are assigned or appear to officiate.  The assigned Referee shall determine the extent of assistance that any club linesmen may provide.  In the event only one assistant referee of a three person referee crew appears for a match, then the clubs will provide a linesman to assist the Referee and Assistant Referee.

16.10      A game is considered to be complete if it is stopped by the Referee after the first half.  If a game is stopped by the Referee before the completion of the first half, the following applies:

                                A.            If stopped due to weather or field conditions, the game must be replayed in its entirety.

                                B.            If stopped because of misconduct or interference of any kind, the matter shall be brought before the Grievance Committee, who shall have the authority to order the game replayed, in part, in its entirety, or to declare the game complete.


Article XVII

Fouls and Misconduct

17.1        A player receiving a Red Card is not eligible to play in the remainder of the game in which he received the red card.  Furthermore, that player shall also be suspended for the next scheduled league game, including tournament play.

17.2        If a player is red carded during the last game of the season, the player will be suspended for the first game of the next season no matter what team he is playing for.

17.3        Repeated card violations will be brought before the Board for player and/or team disciplinary action, which may include a fine, suspension, or complete removal from the PSL.

17.4        If at any time before, during, or after a game, the referee is assaulted by any member of the PSL, the offending player shall be reported to the Board for disciplinary action, which may include fine, suspension, or complete removal from the PSL.

17.5        Red card fines may be imposed to individuals and/or teams based on the severity of the player altercations.

17.6        Minimum penalties for repeat offenders are as follows:

                                1.             Striking an official - Minimum 1-year (calendar year) suspension; possible life suspension from the PSL, in addition to $100.00 fine to both the player and the team.  The offending player will not be eligible to play after the suspension until the fines are fully paid.

                                2.             Fighting - Minimum 5 game suspension and $100.00 fine.

                                3.             2 Red Cards in One Season - Additional 5 games suspension.

                                4.             More than 3 Red Cards in One Season - Reviewed by the Board for possible suspension for the remainder of the season.

                                5.             3 Yellow Cards in One Session - 1 game suspension.

                                6.             6 Yellow Cards in One Session - 2 game suspension.

                                7.             More than 6 Yellow Cards in One Season - Reviewed by the Board for possible suspension for the remainder of the season.

                17.7        If a team is suspended from the PSL, the team shall forfeit any deposits made to the league, and will be eligible for reinstatement upon approval by the PSL board of directors after a minimum of 1 year (or one entire season), the offending team if approved for reinstatement will forfeit any claims of seniority or team standings, and will be re-admitted on probation into the lowest division of the league’s bracket based on the age group for which the team is being reinstated.

                17.8        In the event that a coach is suspended due to repeated violations of the PSL bylaws, the offending coach will be banned from coaching or representing any PSL teams for the period of one year or one entire season.


Article XVIII

Code of Ethics

18.1        The PSL code of ethics consists of the following:

                1.             No foul language in or out of the field immediately before or after PSL games. If any complaints are deemed true, the responsible team may be fined and the player put on probation.

2.             Team managers shall be responsible for any fights or harassment immediately before, during, or after an PSL sanctioned game.  The responsible team shall be fined and put on probation if the preceding situation occurs.

18.2        The PSL reserves the right to penalize a team for flagrant misconduct as deemed by the Board of Directors on a case per case basis.


Article XIV


19.1        Amendments to these by-laws may be proposed by the Board of Directors or member clubs. To provide notice of any proposed amendment, the Board of Directors will first consider its own recommended by-laws amendment or the recommendations of any member club for a by-laws amendment and shall then notify the league membership of the proposed amendment at least 30 days in advance of either (1) a regularly scheduled meeting of the PSL or (2) a specially called meeting of the PSL whose purpose will be to consider the proposed amendment(s) to the by-laws.

19.2        An amendment to these by-laws shall be approved at a legally called meeting of PSL members by a majority vote of those present and voting. The effective date of any amendment shall be included in the resolution for passage of the amendment(s).

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